Manual Hot Knife Cutter from SUHR: The Webcutter
Manual Hot Knife Cutter
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Manual Hot Knife Cutter
Manual Hot Knife Cutter

Manual Hot Knife Cutter from SUHR: The Webcutter

Manual Hot Knife Cutter from SUHR: The WebcutterHot Knife Cutter "The Webcutter": Model RX~80**
The RX-80 is a general purpose hot knife cutter used for hot cutting and melting woven and knitted synthetic materials to prevent fraying. Cuts all types of synthetics such as webbing, braid, elastics, strapping, cord, ribbon, hook & loop, and rope.
To operate, simply slide the webbing across the base plate and bring the handle down to cut and seal with minimum effort. Cutting time is usually less than one second, depending upon material thickness and heat setting.

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Manual Hot Knife Cutter