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SUHR Cutting System with Hot, Cold or Ultrasonic Knife

SUHR manufactures and supplies hot knife cutters, webbing cutters, strip cutting machines and length/strip cutters, guillotine cutters, automatic cutting equipment, ultrasonic cut, cut to length equipment, hole punchers and hole punching equipment, robe cutters, cutting equipment for narrow fabrics and webbing, hook and loop cutters, ultrasonic and ultrasonic cutters, prefeeds, prefeed device and slack-feeder, automatic marking equipment.
SUHR Hot, Cold and Ultrasonic Knife Cutter Systems presents Flexi Modular Microprocessor Strip Cutting MachineCutting, punching, marking, printing in one process.

Reduce your cutting cost, avoid wastage and improve product quality on narrow fabrics.

The main features of our machines:

• Portable and compact - can be carried by one person, does not take up expensive factory space and requires only a 13amp plug/air line or 230V.
• Fully automatic/microprocessor controlled -no need to have someone standing over the machine- once set, staff can return to other jobs.
• Safe to use - All cutting edges are enclosed and meet existing safety regulations including EMS regulations.

SUHR cutting system is the result of 35 years experience designing and manufacturing cutting system.
We are manufactures and suppliers of high-quality industrial cut-to-length equipment for narrow fabrics and other materials. We offer many types of automatic and manual cutting machines. Our equipment may be equipped to cut using a hot knife, guillotine, or ultrasonic tooling.
Our cutting equipment can be used for many types of materials, including webbing, robe, tapes, cord, elastic, zipper, braid, tubing, film, hose, ribbon, hook & loop, bungee cord, safety harness, webbing, seat belts, zips, slings and Velcro.

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