Angle cutter machines and angle cutting systems with hot and cold knife from SUHR
Angle Cutter
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Angle Cutter
Angle Cutter

Angle cutting Heavy-Duty FLEX-L Hot & Cold Cutting System

SUHR Ultrasonic Strip Cutting System Burn-free, smooth & soft sealed edges • Precision length cutting Heavy-duty drive system • Patented self-adjusting tooling Reliable • Self-checking diagnostic software system The SUHR Ultrasonic strip cutting machines are specifically designed for extremely high quality cutting and sealing of synthetic and synthetic blend materials. Consisting of the two main components shown above, these machines provide a valuable balance of precision, speed, and reliability while maintaining the versatility of the FLEXI-L modular cutting systems.
Angle cutter machines and angle cutting systems with hot and cold knife types SC 430 UPFW-L and SC 636 UPFW-L from SUHR Our innovative measurement system uses two independent length detection devices to allow you to choose the one that provides the most efficient accurate results.
Precision length measurement is accomplished through the use of powerful DC servo motors.
These durable motors provide a high degree of precision and exceptional pulling power, and seldom require a separate prefeed device. Highspeed cutting is pneumatically driven for speed, power, and reliability.

Angle Cutting Machines Types SC 430 UPFW-L and SC 636 UPFW-L Angle Cutter FACT SHEET
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Angle Cutter