Cold Knife Strip Cutting Machine from SUHR

The above machines are microprocessor controlled cutting machines designed and manufactured in Denmark. They measure and cut many different types of natural or plastic materials by means of heavy duty knife blades. They are suitable for cutting materials such as Velcro, zip fastener, elastic cotton, string, ribbon cable, wire, leather, etc.
The machines can measure and cut small or large quantities of strip materials in lengths from 1mm to 99.9 metres, and produce consistently accurate lengths and high quality cuts. Frequently used lengths can be stored in the machine’s memory for instant recall. There are eight memories available for this purpose.
These machines are portable and weigh only 20Kg. They can be mounted on a table or bench and only require 230V/50Hz mains socket.

Cold Knife Cutter FACT SHEET
Cold Knife Cutter PRINT COPY

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