Automatic Marking and Hole Punching Device for Strip Knife Cutters
Automatic Marking and Hole Punching Devices
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Automatic Marking and Hole Punching Devices
Automatic Marking and Hole Punching Devices

Automatic Marking and Hole Punching Devices

Automatic Marking and Hole Punching Device for Strip Knife Cutters from SUHR Marking and Hole Punching Device PRINT COPY

The above four products are devices which can be fitted to any SUHR cutting machine which is microprocessor controlled (indicated by the suffix ‘U’ on the Type number). Like the cutting machines they are designed and manufactured in Denmark.
These devices can be fitted in front of a strip cutting machine when it is required to place marks or punch holes in some accurate relationship to the cut edge. There are four variants available:

Hot Marker:
Used to mark materials via a heated bar or shape.
Cold Marker:
Marks the material with a coloured ink.
Hot Punch:
Punches and seals holes in synthetic materials.
Cold Punch:
Produces holes in natural materials and non-fraying plastics etc.

The location of the marks is controlled by a small hand-held data module which can programme up to 18 different distances between adjacent marks or holes and can store hundreds of different combinations in its memory for instant recall by part number or name. This makes the device particularly useful for placing sewing marks on straps before cutting them into length or punching a series of holes in belts etc.
Each device weighs about 20Kg (without the cutting machine). They are designed for bench mounting in front of a SUHR cutting machine, and require a 230V/50Hz mains, and a supply of clean, dry compressed air.

Setting and Programming the system is easily performed as follows:

1. Mount the reel of strip material on the reel holder and thread it through the guide bars and into the knife guide.
2. Turn on the cutting machine and the punch/marking device.
3. Set the temperature and time delays to suit the material to be cut (hot machines only)
4. Download the product details from the handheld data module.
5. Enter the quantity required.
6. Wait for the knife and puncher to achieve the required temperature (hot machines only).
7. Press the Manual Cut Button to establish the star datum.
8. Press the Start Button

The machine will now measure, punch/mark, and cut automatically, and when the batch is complete or the material is exhausted, the machine will stop and sound the alarm. The production rate will depend upon the number of holes or marks to be made, the lengths to be measured and, in case of hot machines, the thermal properties of the particular material.

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Automatic Marking and Hole Punching Devices