Ultrasonic Strip Cutting System

The SUHR Ultrasonic strip cutting machines are specifically designed for extremely high quality cutting and sealing of synthetic and synthetic blend materials. Consisting of the two main components shown above, these machines provide a valuable balance of precision, speed, and reliability while maintaining the versatility of the FLEXI-L modular cutting systems.
Operation is easy. Length, quantity, and batch sizes are entered into the keypad of the control panel, which also offers memory and self-diagnostic functions. Measuring and cutting is achieved within the Ultrasonic Cutting Module. All necessary cables and connectors are included. Precision adjustment of the ultrasonic tooling is accomplished easily using the patented "self-adjusting" mechanism. This automatic feature is used periodically to maintain cutting quality and whenever the tooling is changed.

These machines are available in several widths and power ranges to provide the most efficient cutting of all types of synthetic material. Ideal for elastics, ribbons, hook and loop, webbing, belting, and tapes. Use the chart below to determine the best width power combination for your requirements.

Ultrasonic Strip Cutters Standard Machines

Cut with

Power Output Frequency
30mm (1.2") 1000W 35kHZ
65mm (2.5") 1000W 35kHZ
(Custom built machines also available.)

How is "ultrasonic" cutting achieved?
Ultrasonic cutting and sealing is achieved by applying ultra-high frequency vibrations (typically in the range of 20-35 kHz) through special tooling into the material. These high frequency vibrations are produced electronically by an amplifier and horn assembly which are attached to the cutting tool.
These high frequency vibrations, when applied to many materials, generate enough heat to sufficiently cut and melt most synthetics without burning. No heaters are used, so there is no "cool down" period for adjustments or tooling changes. A major benefit of ultrasonic cutting is an exceptionally smooth, clean sealed edge without the burning associated with conventional heat melting.

An additional benefit are the many different shaped ends that can be produced, such as rounded, "bullet nose", pinked, pointed, and more!