Automatic Hot Foil printing and marking device.
Model 390

The SUHR model Sc-390 is a fully-automatic, hot-foil integrated marking device which can
be mounted on any SUHR strip cutter (hot and cold) powered by microprocessor.

This device makes a simple, single-colour mark on virtually any material automatically as the
machine is measuring to length. The location of the mark(s) is controlled by a small hand-held
computer module. This module is easily programmed by the operator, using special software
supplied with the device. The computer module also serves as a memory module for all cutting
and marking production data.

The printing operation is similar to that of a typewriter imprint. A heated, pneumatically-driven
marker die strikes the special release foil and imprints the mark onto the material. The colour
of the mark is determined by the roll of foil, which can be easily changed.

Technical Specifications
Mark width up to 50mm(2")
Mark time/piese 1 sec
Max length 100m(328")
Batch quantity 1 to 999 pieces
Max hot cut wide 125mm (5")
Max cold cut wide 150mm (6")
Power supply 230v/50Hz 500w
Dimensions 55x44x54 cm
Net weigth 27 kg