Heavy-Duty FLEXI-L Hot & Cold Cutting System
SC 636 UPF-L - SC 430 UPF-L

These uniquely designed, tabletop strip cutters use the latest electronic and cutting tool technology to provide the ultimate quality in strip cutting equipment.

Highly reliable and durable, these cutters will run for decades with minimal maintenance. Our innovative measurement system uses two independent length detection devices to allow you to choose the one that provides the most efficient accurate results.

Precision length measurement is accomplished through the use of powerful DC servo motors. These durable motors provide a high degree of precision and exceptional pulling power, and seldom require a separate prefeed device. Highspeed cutting is pneumatically driven for speed, power, and reliability.

Length, quantity, and other settings are easily programmed into the FLEXI-L, which can also be used to drive any of the many other different cutting modules.

Precision length cutting
Heavy-duty drive system
Long-life blades and heaters
Self-checking diagnostic software system


SC 636 UPF-L Guillontine Cutter with 150 mm cold knife
SC 430 UPF-L Hot Knife Cutter with a 125 mm hot knife